the shopAt Belfry Custom Bikes we find abandoned frames and try to clean them up and resell them to bring life back into their tires.  A sort of bicycle CPR.  We also do repairs, maintenance, and custom paint jobs, on any bike.  We are a small operation, but hope that our creativity and style can shine through on the select bikes we produce.

a short description of our politics
We’re located in the Macalester neighborhood in Saint Paul and happy to do test rides, fittings, or custom design consultations, any day of the week.  Just shoot us an email to set up an appointment.


One Response to “About Us”

  1. margaret chamberlain Says:

    Hi, looking for a nice bike for my daughter who loves my bridgestone from the thriftshop and the old raleigh caught my eye. Is it still available? It looks like a great bike and a good investment for at least a few years for her. 612-721-0426

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