We at the Belfry are of a mind that bicycles are more than a vacant weekend amusement or “green” trophy.  They have value politically as a statement on the toxic role that the private automobile has on the ecology and stability of this country’s communities.  Their strength as a tool agitating for more liveable and healthy cities is indispensable.  Bike community especially as it is shaping up in Twin Cities has been providing a number of exciting events and organizations for people to get involved with either to question the dominant car-based patterns of American cities or celebrate the joy of bicycling.  Bike Culture can, however, make itself exclusive towards folks who don’t feel comfortable in a biking elite and limit the access to knowledge and pride in biking.  Sometimes politicizing or hipster-izing bicycling is alienating.  What can’t be lost though is how bicycles affect the individual.  Personally they give riders cheaper and cleaner transportation and provide a way to get to truly know their neighborhoods under their own power.  We want to find ways to connect people with bikes that they really will enjoy – something that gives them a chance to get out either on the trails or the streets for some peaceful alone time or with friends and family.  We customize bikes both because it’s just a plain fun way to do creative work with a medium we love and because it gives riders a chance to have pride in their unique ride.  We don’t think mechanical knowledge has to come from some distant authority but should be demystified so people can know what they’re riding.  We love to share, to have our neighbors and friends stop by the garage with their questions or mechanical concerns.  That’s where the greatest moments are for us at Belfry Custom Bikes, connecting with people through this great creature, the bike.

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3 Responses to “Transportation Proclamation”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I enjoyed reading your transpo proclamation. You boys clearly demonstrate that you are not suffering from bats in the belfry! go rescue!

  2. Sarah Says:

    “Sometimes politicizing or hipster-izing bicycling is alienating.”
    Can I get an amen?
    Cheers to you!

    1. oppositiontowarandoccupation Says:


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