Belfry Custom Bikes is proud to announce the acquisition of a few new bikes.  Donated from a friend’s brimming garage, these bikes all looked the same color: dusty.  But fortunately, the dust seems to have protected the paint from more detrimental degredation.  With a generous coating of elbow grease, these bikes look shiny and new (even though some of them date as far back to before WWII!).  Look forward to a Bulletproof Prewar Hercules, a taxicab yellow Schwinn caliente, and a 90s promotional bike from PC Accelerator. Pictures coming soon.


The day after our newest gem, the Tricentennial Cyberpunk Schwinn came to us from the year 2076, it has appeared on the blog Bike Snob NYC! Be sure to follow us as we join the Nü-Fred U-Lock Batterer in “Highlighting Inadequacy”. Get a piece of this ride and its friends the Bat-Bike and the to-be-completed Tiger Bike guaranteed to be “sufficiently dorky to ensure the rider’s eternal virginity!”

We’re still pulling the paint out from under our fingernails because we finished three custom paint jobs this weekend (whew!) and have two more in process.  Keep an eye on our customs page and our service page for pictures and descriptions.

It was a sunny weekend giving us a chance to catch up on some work, today putting primer on three new paint jobs.  Expect soon the Twin Cities skyline, a cyberpunk dystopia, and lemon beauty appearing in custom bikes photos.  This was a good week with three more sales and just today three friends coming by for help with their bike issues.  We’ve also been able to put a little section up on why we do what we do.  Find it in our Transportation Proclamation.

It’s been a cold and rainy weekend here in Saint Paul, but hopefully in the next few days, we’ll be able to get back on track.  Later this week we’ll post photos of the RAWleigh and the Golden Tiger, along with some photos of older customs projects that are lovingly being ridden around the twin cities.  Also on our roster are a few more fixer-upper bikes so if anyone is interested in a budget ride, keep your eyes peeled to the blog.

June 3rd 2009 marks the first bike sale for BCB.   Soon to follow are photos of our bikes for sale, including our artfully hand-painted customs.


To look forward to:

The Bat Bike

A rugged single-speed, best described as an urban tank, similar to this one

The Raw-leigh

A flat bar road bike stripped down to its beautiful aluminum frame. The raw (and rustproof) beauty of the aluminum is only hindered by a clear coat to protect from road damage.

The Golden Tiger

Who hasn’t wanted to ride a tiger?

Our golden tiger is a rugged fixed gear with a suspension fork and mountain wheels. Just like Dio,
You can see his stripes but you know he’s clean.

Excited?  You should be.

Pictures of our customs and other liberated bikes will be posted soon.