In the Belfry Custom Bikes garage we like to service and create both hand-painted customs and rescues.  Taking in bikes from our friends and neighbors in the Twin Cities there are bikes that either call to us for original transformations and some that speak for themselves as quality pieces ready for the road after fine-tuning and certified road tests. So take a look at the two sides of BCB, our rehabilitated rescues and reinvented customs.




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2 Responses to “Our Bikes”

  1. Heath Says:

    I’m very interested in the small Schwinn road bike for my son. He has started doing some bike touring with me and needs something with gears. How can I come see it?

    1. belfrycustombikes Says:

      Hey, Heath–
      there are a lot of people interested in that small bike, but if you’re free between 1 and 3 tomorrow, you might have a shot. We also have a very similarly sized bridgestone frame that’s still getting fixed up. shoot us an e-mail and we can give you some details.

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