At Belfry Custom Bikes, we pride ourselves on our ability to alter and customize the look, feel and ride of any bike that comes our way.  Our style is about more than paint jobs and we’re willing to alter any part of the bike to achieve our final goal: a sweet ride.

New Customs:

For Sale

The Legendary Golden “Le Tigre”: A Ferocious Fixed-Gear with Style to Burn – $250

Ancient legend tells of a Golden Tiger, ridden down out of the mountains in Nepal, and into the hearts and minds of the People. A Tiger with a rugged suspension fork and a steel frame. A Tiger with tough 26″ mountain wheels and… <gasp>… a fixed gear. Now, thanks to the Bicycle Artisans at Belfry Customs, this legendary Tiger can be yours: a wheeled beast, demanding to be ridden into the future.

Our Golden Tiger fixed-gear mountain-bike is legendary in its own proportions, a 1980’s French Gitane road frame and a mountain suspension fork.  Its aesthetic beauty is only matched by the easy grace in which this Tiger bounds across the Road-Bike/Mountain-Bike Binary.  Comfortable riding the streets of the city or the trails of the wilderness, this bike is the versatile vehicle that looks sweet the whole way through.  Who hasn’t wanted to hop curbs, and trackstand, on a Golden Tiger? (impress your friends! trackstanding is easy on mountain bike tires!)

– Beautiful fixed gear chain-line

– Mountain suspension fork with cantilever break

– Bontrager saddle

– Awesome double-walled 26″ Mountain front wheel

– 700c rear wheel with tough cyclocross tire.

– Hand-painted frame

Measurements: Frame: 20″, Length: 20″, Standover: 31″

Coming Soon

“Rawleigh” Flat Bar Road Bike

This 90’s Cross-Bike frame was in pretty rough shape when we found it: the paint was chipping and scratched in many places, and the fork was bent horribly out of place. We stripped the paint off this beast with the intention to re-paint it, when we realized its aluminum frame had a cold, raw beauty of its own. Aluminum never rusts, but we did cover the frame with a clear coat for weather protection. As for the fork, we took one from a vintage road bicycle, stripped the paint, and it happens to fit perfectly and look just as cool as the rest of the frame. This bike also features:

–18 speeds, with well-tuned, handlebar-mounted indexed shifters– the kind where you click them, and they shift perfectly from gear to gear.
– Front center-pull brakes, and rear caliper brakes.
– Straight handlebars with comfortable, rubberized grips.
– Bar-ends for additional comfortable handlebar positions.
– Awesome stacked routing for the cables– check out the top tube!
– Water bottle cage.
– Pedals with toe clips.
– Shimano Altus Drivetrain– the rear and front derailleurs that actually move the chain over the gears.
– 700c wheelset–the current standard size for new road bike wheelsets.

No pictures yet.

Old Customs

Old and sold, but still beautiful.  Take a gander.

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