Featured Customs:

Not for Sale, but you might see them riding the streets of Saint Paul

“Bat-Bike” Hand-Painted Single-Speed

This road bike features a vintage 70’s “lightweight”-style steel frame, a single-speed drivetrain and a killer custom paint job. True to its name, the Bat-Bike features slick black-taped bullhorn bars, a “Bat-signal” front reflector and hand-painted bat decals. It’s the perfect bike for spelunking, fighting crime, or fleeing from hell! With its 700c all-weather wheelset, the Bat-Bike is an urban tank ready for anything the road throws at. A no-hassle single-speed drivetrain with a bomb-proof one-piece bottom bracket rounds out the pure, inimitable Belfry Custom Bikes style in this heroic ride.

Cyberpunk Schwinn – Tricentennial Edition

This bike comes to us all the way from 2076, a Schwinn Varsity born in 1976 and reborn in a dystopic future. Say what you will about post-industrial collapse, android masters, and Harrison Ford, but this bike has to be seen to be believed. Take the brake lever mounted as a ships throttle – this unique piece sends this bike from high gear to low gear (sorry no hyperdrive enabled). Take a look for yourself at this visitor from future. Whether you’re a hacker, a commuter, or a renegade on the run, this bike is for you. Here’s why:

–Two-speed drivetrain with stem-mounted lever shifter!

–700c Hybrid Wheelset w/ Treaded Tires– These, plus the single-speed drivetrain and the 70’s components, make this bike a kind of urban tank. This is a relatively new wheelset (late ’90s) with tires that are at home on the road– not too knobby, like mountain bike tires– but can also handle dirt and grass well, too.

–Basket perfect for carrying government issue uniforms, motherboards, or your collection of Phillip K. Dick novels.

— Hand-painted frame built by a legion of uncompensated child replicants, with identification stencils from the North American Trade and Defense Conglomerate Vehicle Issuing Office.

“Red Rocket” Raleigh Fixed Gear

With a frame found forlorn in a busy median, our mechanics quickly went to work to make this a bike ready to tackle the streets. With all its cable stop braze-ons filed off (save the requisite chain hanger!) this frame was trimmed down, set up with a fixed rear wheel, and painted a hot cherry red. Hand painted stripes on the seat tube and those sharp white lugs make this ride really fly.

“Twin City Bike” Racing from St. Paul to Minneapolis (and everywhere in between)

A Schwinn World taken down to a smaller scale, the Twin Cities. Repainted in a shade of “international” blue (international like the community, blue like the Mississippi river) this classic road bike proudly shows its roots. Along the top-tube is a hand-painted skyline of each of the twin cities connected by a long yellow bridge. This bike is making the rounds across the river and from city to city.

“Hercules” Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

An older cruiser frame repainted in hammered green and lavender, and decked out with huge ape hanger handlebars. Perfect for cruising through the murky swamps of Lerna, or high-tailing it away from carnivorous horses, this ride is anything but laborious. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. Decorated with antiquesque stickers from an old British “Hercules” this is a ride that our friend HQR just couldn’t pass up.

Bee Bike – a stingingly sweet fixed-gear ride

A reincarnated custom fixie may or may not have been stung by a radioactive bee, merging its DNA and creating a fixie of superheroic proportions.  This old raleigh grand prix frame was handpainted with black stripes and white head tube and seat tube and suped up with campy record wheels and straight handlebars. With a cyclocross rear tire it’s ready to hop curbs and cut through the icy St. Paul streets. Equipped with antennae and a stinger, you might hear this bike buzzing by you on the streets.

“Cleveland Bike” Eclectically Functional Single-Speed

A menagerie of oddity, almost nothing about this bike is ordinary. From its glow-in-the-dark paint job, to its ultra-wide “butt hammock” seat, the Cleveland Bike pushes the rider to the edge of cycling and reality itself. The trek mountain bike inside is almost invisible behind the layers of quirkiness. Originally hailing from the Cleveland Metro area, the decals and stickers all of the frame tell the tales of its sordid past. If bike frames could talk, this one would have stories to tell, and if you see its glowing form on the streets at night, you’ll know where that ghostly presence came from.

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