At Belfry Custom Bikes, we believe that bikes should not be subjected to the ravages of decay.  No bicycle should be sitting abandoned or wasted in a junkyard, so we reclaim, liberate these abandoned beauties, fix them up so that they are safe and fun to ride, and sell them out into the world.  These rescued bikes are ready to be reborn.

Rescued Bikes

Physiofit Classic Single-speed Cruiser – $60

Next in our line of winter cruisers, belfry custom bikes is proud to present the Physiofit. The pinnacle of simplicity, class, and distinction, the physiofit is a perfect campus-bike or commuter, with comfortable european style, you can cruise along like Rowan Atkinson.


–Front handbrake and coasterbrake, for simplicity and safety.

–Brand new front wheel.

–Water-bottle cage.

–Pannier-ready rear rack.

–Comfortable cruiser-geometry

–Would fit a rider between 5’4″ and 5’10”

Measurements:  Frame:  19″  Frame Length:  20″  Standover 28.5″

Physiofit 1

Physiofit 2

Physiofit 3

Physiofit 4

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4 Responses to “Rescued Bikes”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Hi – looking for a used 24″ kids/jr bike for my daughter. She is petite and stuggles to reach the hand brakes on most of the bikes I’ve seen. Would appreciate being contacted if you have anything. thanks!

    1. belfrycustombikes Says:

      We don’t have anything for you yet, I don’t think– but we’ll definitely let you know if something comes in.

  2. Beth Says:

    Hey guys – love your philosophy, and you’ve got some sweet rides, but where are you located? If you have a shop, I’d love to come take a look sometime. I’ve been searching for an affordable bike for a few weeks, and I really like the idea of buying used. Let me know!


  3. Mike Says:

    If you guys still have that Schwinn Continental I would be willing to buy it. Where are you located in Saint Paul?

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