Not only do we sell our own and customize bikes, but we offer a range of services and repairs for your (pre-existing) bikes.


Belfry Custom Bikes’ certified mechanics are experienced and ready to get your bike back on the road.

Tune-up – $25

Tube change – $5 (plus tube)

Other repairs – Negotiable. Approx $25 per hour of labor.  Just email us.


That’s right, we offer custom paint jobs (like the ones on our custom bikes). We will disassemble the bike and  strip off the paint.  Then we re-spray (with the color of your choice) and handpaint the frame with your designs, then clear coat the whole thing for another protective layer.  Finally, we reassemble the bike and clean it up until it’s ready to ride.  Considering the amount of labor involved here (no shops even offer this service!) it could take up to a week, but since it’s all done in-shop we can customize it however you want.


Whole Bike              $100

Just the Frame        $60

How do we do it? Check out the pictures below.

any questions? email


6 Responses to “Service”

  1. pat Says:

    how much for frame fork seatpost and bars with the tampa bay rays painted on it??

  2. pat Says:

    the logo

    1. belfrycustombikes Says:

      We could probably do it all for $100, plus expenses (ie, the cost of any paint we have to buy for that specific job, and/or decals, grip tape). That cost would include, for sure, the frame, the fork, and probably the seatpost and bars– depending on what you want on those, since the last two there can get complicated. We should meet to talk about it! how about you e-mail us at, and tell us what kind of bike you have, and we can set up an appointment?

  3. Teng Says:

    I have a smaller bike that needs a break system. How much for a cheaper system that will do the job?

    1. belfrycustombikes Says:

      Hey, Teng,
      it depends on what kind of bike you have, and what kind of brakes you want. we don’t have a ton of brakes lying around, but we might be able to make something happen. We use mostly used parts and do things on the cheap, but we do a pretty good job. e-mail us with what kind of bike it is, and we can maybe talk about what kind of brakes we have and what kind of price we’d be looking at.

  4. Jason Says:

    Where the hell are you guys? I seriously need to buy at least one or two of your bikes yesterday! Put something like an address or a phone number in the ‘About Us’ area.

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